Men have no Idea

Okay, trying to make time with a guy is a pain in the ass. I’m feeling you your feeling me there’s mutual respect admiration even your feeling me I’m feeling you so when is it time to start backing out of previos entanglements?

I’m saying! Really…

I mean to be honest my focus is you I want to feel you hear you breath you but it’s a scary type spot the walkaway from known fun to the unknown potentiality of well of the unknown.

A married friend once told me that you date 1 seriously (I think she meant you know the marriage material dude that you can take to work functions and church on Sunday brunch with the fam) you know, ThatDude!! That Dude (TD) that you really wanna keep, but you know he has the ability to actually F-your whole game up cause he matters Dude! But then you keep a “friend” around that can meet your dirty boy toy fantasies alive and kicking or slightly sated that’s SoNoTheDude dude until you know…

Dilemma I can’t seem to remember to keep a toy cause TD really got under my skin quicker than I expected! Help Chicas save me from myself!!


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