Guydar – detector

So here it is a beautiful day sun is shinning the weathers warming up I have my eyes on a prize..TD material! Excitement abounds.

Distance keeps us apart which considering how hot our convo game is WOW too bad so sad… But to the point at hand!

Do past love interests have special radar targeted right on my orgas-m panel? I swear put a smile on my face, a special swing in my walk refocus my attention and pow bam boom every man I have ever been close to thinking could be That Dude wants back in!

NTD: Hey baby I miss talking to you.
Me: Uum…ok.

NTD: I always wondered if you had the same number?
Me: so you saved my number just in case…? Wow

NTD: You know I’m ready to settle down now and Uum I just wondered if finally you are too! Me: blank stare

All seems to be going well from my end, life is gravy and suddenly out of the corner of my thoughts seeming on the haunt…my past.

To the past, I say thank you. I needed the reminder of why you are past! There is a need for a new Sheriff in town and …yep you guessed it. It’s not you!

But is there such a thing as guy-dar? Like gay-dar but for straight men? Let’s them know the moment an ex is in danger of falling in like with a new guy?


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