Is your past worth my future?

So liking a person wont heal them.  Wouldn’t that be an awesome have happence?  I like you, so all your past pains hurts struggles gone

instead, liking a person means deciding: can their past be a part of my future? will their past be a negative, a deterent on my present? can their past be worth the changes that will become a new me?

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One thought on “Is your past worth my future?

  1. It seems to me that most conversations my friends and I are involved in of late revolve (somehow) around that rather simplistic conundrum…my past your future, your past my future.

    Maybe that should be the topic or atleast deserves a formal part of my entrance paper somehow.

    question: what made you the person you are today? answer: his/her past (not just my own)!

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