Clipped Wings and All

Okay, time to get real…so, people wonder the reason why men don’t last in my life and I always give them the “nice girl” response, uum, you know, things didn’t work out. And I smile and I change the subject. Or I say something about incompatibility…I try to be nice. I try not to say anything derogitory. I TRY!!! But sometimes I wanna tell the truth. So here goes. The truth. The truth from my perspective.

So, I met a guy a couple of months back. He and I met on one of those days. You know, a day when my self esteem was up there. When my hair looked right and my jeans were fitting extra-extra!! And for a topper, I was suppose to be headed out of town to meet up with that guy that… sigh!! Stay on topic, Chic! Anyways, so I meet him at a bar, he’s with his friend, I’m with mine. I walked in on some crazy boy talk. I didn’t care, I jumped right in. Physically, dude was my type. No need to get into the characteristics, name your type, draw a picture and imagine!!

So, I don’t know how we start talking about people, relationships & expectations, but I break down my expectations. HONESTY! I break it down, don’t tell me what you think I want to hear, I say, tell me the truth. Man up!! He says yeah right, girls always say that and I am not falling into that trap! I laugh, shrug and explain that unlike most, I can handle the truth better than I can handle surprises and at the end of the day I am no girl! I am a grown ass woman who has no time for boys or their games. I want a man who can man up so that I can be the chick in the relationship.

Be vulnerable, let him take care of me, no, not pay for me! I got that handled! I break it down further by explaining that I can handle a lot of things. I can balance a checkbook, change a tire, cook dinner, clean house and take care of my own needs if necessary. But I know that there are things that a relationship can bring to the table that I can’t handle by myself! Duh!!! Companionship, a road dog, partnership, kisses and all that good-good!!

Time passes, watching movies, late night cuddles, makin’ out, the whole bit!! The reason things didn’t work out? He forgot to mention that he had his wings clipped by a girl and they hadn’t grown back! Grow some new ones dude!


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