Who am I

So, this question came from a phone conversation.  I was talking to a potential…he is asking me all kinds of random questions that he kinda wanted to know stuff about.  You know the typical stuff: who are your friends what do you like to do for fun what are you getting into this weekend and whatnot…

And out of sheer boredom I decided to reciprocate and ask him in kind, except my questions are about the things that matter to me, so I asked him…with a serious tone, remember he couldn’t see my “dead” a$$ expression, I asked him, “WHO ARE YOU?”

Response, silence.  He thought for a bit and finally gave me his generic, tepid lame a$$ answer to which all I could think was, if you don’t know who you are why should I care to get to know you further? 

Then I thought, a better question is who are you, Chica?!   And my answer astounded me. 

I am just me! I love MOST things when I am happy! I love to watch movies while curled up in my Pj’s with my hair up and my toes out, unless it’s cold and then I have on socks! My favorite actors of all time have to be the Johns: Travolta, Cusak, Leguziamo and Depp!  Shaking my head at my self.  I didn’t ask me what makes me happy…

Favorite Things: I am a typical girl in my obsession with shoes. I especially love them on sale! Jeans and high heels are a must, funky jewelry takes you anywhere and makes me, personally, feel like a girl. I enjoy having my nails done, manis and pedis are a must and love being spoiled by the hairstylist!! I love to travel, and I guess my favorite places have these things in common: good food, good shopping, cool shoes and awesome museums. Did I mention friends are a must to my very survival?!  Rolling my eyes.  I didn’t ask for a list of my favorite things Do-do Head…

Favorite Time of Year: I love the park in the fall/spring and my couch in the winter! I love to take pictures of the things that excite me, and sometimes it can be as simple as a rainbow, or as cool as a doorway. To me the world is nothing more than Gods personal art project.  Beautifully stated, but still not getting into the gist of the question…THINK!!

Favorite Thing to Read: So, unlike most girls (women) my age, I love to read comic books. Yep, you read that correctly. Transmetropolitan, Hellblazer, Dark Knight, Bone!! I am a very well read adult. I read classics too: Shakespeare, Gone with the Wind, The Three Musketeers…but I love my comic books. Especially any graphic novel with Todd Klein as the letterer! I enjoy Sandman, and Neil Gaiman is a must in my life. As well as Sailormoon! Oh did I mention my recent obsession with Pearls Before Swine!!  Great Scott, Chica, what are you just a list of your likes, there’s gotta be more to you than that…

Who are you?  Who are you?  Who am I ?  Who…Am…I:

I am a child of God, or godess or God and Atabey or simply creator.  I am a child of my family.  I am confused, confusing and astonishing.  Who I am is a work in progress an evolving masterpiece in the making.  I get to know me a bit better every day.  Most of the time I like me.  Some of the times, not so much.  But guess what.  Atleast I am becoming more aware of my faults.  I jump when I should stroll.  I run when I should stand.  I laugh when I want to cry.  But sometimes, I cry when the mood strikes, and I am genuine in my actions.  I am honest, to a fault, but never intentionally mean, rude or callous.  I love whom and what I love with all my heart, even as I say good bye and please stop calling me.  I am a work in progress that knows that if there is no more work to be done on my self, death must have arrived.

How about you?  Who are you?  Take the time and answer this question for yourself.  You don’t even have to put your name on it.


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