Kind Sir

:p well kind sir I wish our schedules allowed for some flexibility. I guess I’m a chicken $hit for wanting to spend time with you outside of sacred fam time-which I imagine your child’s bday bash to be. I’m really feeling you. I can’t figure out the ways or the hows I just am. I am enjoying the feeling! I am not typically a chick who vocalizes my sexuality or who puts myself out there like that.

Yeah I have a strong sense of self but I tend to b laid back with mine. I don’t typically wil out like I have with you so I just account it to my pure enjoyment of you and your energy.

I am a bit shy. I tend to like to keep my business under the radar. Friends rarely meet guys I’m dating and my family doesn’t even typically hear dudes names. I always promise that when I’m in love they’ll meet him! Remember that I respect my home and rarely have dudes over…if all I wanted was to f you I’d visit your home and bump into you! But thats not what I want.

What I want is to get to really know this cool dude that I’m talking to on the reg. To meet him face 2 face and have the opportunity to get to know him on another level. To experience the hunger for the first kiss and that first handhold. I really am a bit of the romantic like that…

I don’t know if we are on the same page.


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