Chinese food to cure the drama……..

Since I can’t deal with your freaking drama……………..”I have no friends, I hate my life”

I am going to order some chicken and broccoli so I can calm my hunger and my anger

What the hell!!!!! You hate your life… you are just starting to live, you don’t know what life is all about.

Stop your whine and look at what you have. Stop being so damn selfish for once.

Thank goodness that this Chinese food is BANGING….otherwise I would have to EAT YOU!


One thought on “Chinese food to cure the drama……..

  1. Sometimes I wonder about where my weight gain originated and then today as I went through the process of reading old blog-posts, I realized some of it was me physically swallowing down my emotions that couldn’t be voiced for one reason or another…we are suppose to eat to survive, but not eat rather than express our feelings and fears. Thank you for putting it out there.

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