You are just crass…………..

Everyone tries to tell me what an awesome person you are but all I see is a crass type of individual who doesn’t care about the feelings of others. The type of person that likes to point out the flaws in others but fails to see his flaws. I truly had a hard time today dealing with your CRAP. Why do I have to put up with you? I think you have everyone else fooled into thinking you are this great guy when in reality you are far from that. I was ready to pull my hair out and then someone told me that I should not let your idiosyncrasies make me mad. But that is the problem, I don’t think that your behavior can be attributed to idiosyncrasies, I think your behavior stems from the fact that you are a selfish brat, who thinks that the world owes you something and that you can behave however the HELL you want to behave and the rest of us just have to take it.

Well buddy, I don’t know how much longer I am going to be able to put up with your BULLSHIT. I am SASHA WHIP and I if you keep acting like a DAMN FOOL around me……I AM GOING TO TAKE MY WHIP AND WHIP YOUR ASS UNTIL IT IS BLACK AND BLUE!!!!!!!!


One thought on “You are just crass…………..

  1. It’s interesting to read these things and realize that so many people fall into this trap. Being nice, but only to a point. So we end up believing them for a while…And what’s even more amazing is that God uses those people and those situations as learning experience for someone else. Maybe a what not to do! Smooches and Blessings be upon you.

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