Starting a blog should be fun. It means that evidently you have something new to say or share. It means that… It means… It… that means, well shoot it simply means that I want to say something and I think that I am finely ready to do it big! So check it, my plan is to stop trying so hard.

I was thinking wouldn’t it be fun to talk to a group of chicas and come up with a topic or group of topics that affect us all and for us to play/write about it from our own perspectives. Imagine what it would be like to put a Minister, a Freak, a Student, an Asshole, a Mother, a Slut, a Wife, at the same table with no judgement and find out what’s on their collective minds! It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke: a minister, a slut and a wife walk into a bar…Imagine.

That’s what’s on my mind, on our minds. Our friends. Our chicas. Our loves and our lovers. What happens when a diverse group gets to express their inner most thoughts without the worry of retribution or the “whatever will they think of me’s” that inhibit our inner being. Sometimes we might ask a trusted dude to jump in, this after all is gonna be a forum for truth!

So, what do we talk about? We talk about kids and school and work and GOD and traveling! We talk about future plans and about our partners. And we talk about SEX. And about dildos! And about looking for love in all the wrong, right, and in between places. We talk about things that we haven’t done, places we haven’t gone to, our fears, and other more grown up fare.  And sometimes we blush and admit, that yeah we have done that!! Oh well, the plan is out.  Now to get it poppin’.